Flat Tile – Calicut Tile

One of the most important in house constructions is the roof which is one of the most expensive items.Calculations show that the roof accounts for at least 20% of the total cost. A roof does more than just “Cover” a house & it adds beauty and character to it.So, chosing the right roof with the best Suited covering material is one of the smartest investments.

Flat clay roof tiles are the dominant roof covering material used in Sri Lanka for hundreds of years.Although there are a variety of ,still the majority of people has tended to use clay roof tiles,since it equals the need & levels of social, economic,architectural & environmental conditions in the country.

The “flat tile” is the most popular shape among the clay tiles which is also called “Calicut tile”, ”Mangalore tile”,”Quilon tile” or “French tile”.

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Height 42cm ± .5cm
Width 25.5 ± .5cm
Coverage per sq.f. 1.25nos
Unit weight 2880g