TWO NANDHI is the first and only Clay Roofing tile to achieve the SLS Product certification.

TWO NANDHI roofing Tiles, the first ever branded red clay roofing tiles, exclusively for your dream home. TWO NANDHI roofing tiles defend your house from the scorching summer heat, unlike any other concrete or ceramic roofing tiles and keep your indoors cool round the year.

Why clay tiles ?

First of all, aside from its appearance, this type of roofing material is prized for its longevity. The tiles won’t rot, and they are resistant to fire and insect damage. Plus, they stand up to heavy rains, freeze/thaw cycles and other extreme weather.

Why Ransalamba tiles ?

Aesthetically pleasing and in use for hundreds of years, Clay tiles, also known as ‘Sinhala Ulu’ in Sri Lanka as well as Spanish tiles, are favoured all over the world by those who value quality in standards and appearance. Withstanding the test of time,